Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn Classes

What can I say, all of a sudden our sewing classes have really taken off and all classes are full, including our winter ones..

I have put our New Year 2014 January course schedule up on line early so bookings can begin as some students have missed out on the winter classes due to bookings happening at a fast pace, seems everyone wants to learn to sew!

Both Teresa and myself are really enjoying teaching our new students and also our returning ones.

To see students coming to us with their sewing machines and not knowing how to thread it, to seeing some of the projects that they produce after doing some of our courses is really up lifting and rewarding for us.

I have included some of our students creations for you to view, I hope you like them as much as we enjoyed seeing them being created!

Debra’s beautiful shoulder bag made from a recycled dress.

Pillbox hat

Jackie’s shoulder bag with beaded hemline and velvet top.

Joan spent a long time on this multi-layered owl patchwork cushion.

Mr Owl is a project for level 2 beginners class and is a winner with all the students!

Beautiful corsage’s made for Deb’s 

This is a very small selection of the projects being produced by the students at our school. To see some fantastic creations go to our web site at or follow us on facebook at The Art of Sewing and Crafting School and please like our page.

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