Thursday, 18 April 2013

Types of Threads

Always select the strength and colour according to the type and colour of the fabric you are using.

The rule of thumb is, if using cotton fabric you should use cotton thread, but I find it much easier and more cost effective to use a multipurpose polyester thread for most fabric types. It is strong and has a little stretch so works well for both machine and hand stitching.

So here is a little guide for you:
  1. Cotton Thread: ideal for machine and hand stitching on fabrics like cottons, rayons and linens
  2. Polyester Thread: Use this on most fabrics as it is strong yet elastic. Synthetic and natural fabrics
  3. Basting Thread: A weak thread that is easily pulled and broken off. Use this only for temporary (not permanent) stitching.
  4. Silk Thread: This is a very fine thread and is best used with silk and lightweight fine wools and fabric.
  5. Buttonhole Twist: A thick strong silk thread used for buttonholes and attaching buttons.
  6. Large Spooled Thread: This comes in all popular thread colour. It will fit over the spool pin on a machine but is mostly used with a Serger machine as this type of machine uses a large amount of thread.