Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pattern Drafting Classes

Our pattern cutting classes are finally going great guns! 

Teacher and students are really enjoying them. 
Lots being taught and learned with patterns now being turned into garments.

We started with body measurements of each student and then they were converted into master blocks that can be used to make future garments that fit perfect.

Some pictures below:


Monday, 13 May 2013

What does the word Haberdashery mean?

In short, haberdashery means Sewing Accessories:

We use this term to describe the items used to complete a project or a garment. I will name but a few and what we use them for. Some are practical use while others are for decorative purposes only.

Zips: Used mostly for fastening purposes, but can also be used to decorate. There is a large range of zips available today.

Press Studs: A two part opening ball and socket. Easy to do and undo so are often used bed linen and children’s clothing.

Hook & Eye: Used in places where edges meet, like top of necklines or waistbands. Can be bought in various sizes, finishes and colours

Hook & Bar: Use where one edge covers the other.

Buttons: Use for fastenings or decoratively. There are 2 styles of buttons, (Sew-through and Shank). The Sew-through style will have either 2 or 4 holes that allows the button to be stitched flat onto the fabric. The Shank style has no holes showing on the front of the button and has a small loop on the under side, this allows more fabric to sit under the button. Buttons can be uncovered or covered with fabric to match you item. There is no end to the button collections available today.

Piping Cord: This is a raised cord edging, used to trim seams of tailored garments or soft furnishings. Can be bought in various thicknesses.

Bias Binding: Pre-made bias binding is available in many colours and widths. Use this to edge and neaten raw edges. Can also be used to cover piping cord to form a decorative edge around cushions or in seams. You can also make your own.

Boning: Usually added to to the seams of garments to hold the bodice in place and to emphasize the body shape. Available in plastic, solid or coiled metal. it also helps to eliminate any wrinkles in the seams.

Lace Edging: Used mostly in bridal or evening wear as a decorative edging. Comes in silk, cotton and synthetic.

I will stop there as I could go on forever with the amount of accessories available to us today!