Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Moving On

I spent three years working in Boules and really gained a vast amount of knowledge into the workings of the Fashion Industry in the design side of things and by the time I moved onto my next job I was more than capable of making any garment you would like to see (or so I thought)!

What a life I was living, but as time moved on, myself and my sister Teresa found that we wanted to move on from living with family, become indepentant adults, so we decided to get a place of our own. Well... a girl can only take so much of living with her protective big brother!

We found a house to rent with some other girl friends and moved to live in Brent Cross on the North Circular Road on the outskirts of London.

What a blast! Life was one round of work and parties and it was fantastic, we had lots of friends (mostly Irish at this time) and ended up in Irish pubs and clubs every week-end and then on to someone’s house for the rest of the night.

It was also time for me to move on in my working life and add to my experience, so I applied for and got a job working for a company called Shubette. This is where I learned how to be a tailor.

What a fantastic company. Wow! I learned to do thing with fabric that I never though was possible. The pattern cutter was fantastic and he got me to put together garments pieces in a way that I had never seen done before.

In all my years in the fashion industry (and there was a lot),  I think that this company was where I really gained the most knowledge into garment construction, fabric make-up and I also learned a lot about the quality of a finished garment.

Tune in next time, speak soon  X